Angela Janda

“By Luck Alone He is Here” – Rattle

“At Quarter to Five” – The Writer’s Almanac

Small Rooms with Gods (Finishing Line Press, 2014)

“It’s good to be with Angela Janda in Small Rooms with Gods. ‘There is so much prayer here,’ she says, ‘that a person hardly knows what to do. / But give away parts of themselves, / in pieces, or as a whole thing’— which is exactly what she does in this marvelous collection. She writes from both then and now partly Antigone and always herself. What is especially wonderful is the way Angela lives through Antigone just as she can ‘see through lonely to the wide / open.’ One of the many strengths of this collection is the absolute sparseness and beauty of the language.”

Joyce Sutphen, Poet Laureate of Minnesota (2011-2021); Author, Naming the Stars