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Small Rooms with Gods

“This is a wonderful collection.”


“In Small Rooms with Gods, Angela Janda makes us stand on the bloody ground of Thebes, and demonstrates once again that come what may ‘there will always be some who will have to die.’  They are all here, Antigone, Creon, Ismene, Eurydice, Haemon, Teiresias, and even Oedipus, and we see them all from a new perspective and from a new light with profound effect. When reading these poems, there were moments when I too lost my hold on the world and rushed on to assure myself that it wasn’t the last one I had. This is a wonderful collection.”

-Douglas Huff, Playwright
Author of Ophelia and Emil’s Enemies

photo by Petr Jerabek | lightimagination.net

photo by Petr Jerabek | lightimagination.net